Wednesday, September 26, 2012

dallas restaurant review: east hampton sandwich co.

I've never been to the Hamptons.

I've never had a legit northeast coast lobster roll.

I know. First world problems are tough.

But, as of last weekend, I've had a legit Dallas, TX lobster roll at a place that kinda looks like it would be in the Hamptons.

Close enough.

And look at it, people. I want to cry it's so beautiful.

A good friend of mine knows the owner and recommended East Hampton Sandwich Co. as they celebrated their opening day only a few short weeks ago. I decided to do a little research. And here's what I found out:

Owner: Hunter Pond
Age: 25
Former profession: Law student
Current profession: Owner of East Hampton Sandwich Company
Why?: Hunter saw the great city of Dallas without a "from scratch" sandwich shop.
His solution: Brine and roast the meat in-house. Carve it/fry it/slice it to order. Make all sauces from scratch. Bring in the fluffy, homemade bread from the famous Empire Baking Company.
Success: Uh, you tell me when you have to wait in a line that's out the door with nothing to do but stare at the menu and drool.

So after I swallowed my insane jealousy that Mr. Pond is exactly my age with a super cool restaurant in a super chic part of town with a line of customers literally out the door, I pitched the idea to Husband for a Saturday lunch. And off we went.

Parking at Snider Plaza on a Saturday at lunch time might be the third circle of Hell. But it was a pretty day so we parked in the neighborhood across the street and walked on over. The line was long, but our determination was set. Once you make it around the corner to see the menu, you're done for. You can't leave after that. Your growling stomach won't let you.

Side note: I seemed to have missed the memo to all females at Snider Plaza to wear your workout clothes + full makeup. Oops.

I was in jeans. Jeans unbutton if you eat too much.

So let's talk about this lobster roll. We've got lobster claw meat + lobster knuckle meat + an entire lobster tail + melted butter + garlic oil + microgreens + a toasty hot dog bun. It's so perfectly dressed and the sweet lobster meat can barely be contained inside the bun. I did steal a lemon slice from the beverage section and squeeze it on top. That sent the roll over the moon.

Warning: It's $16 bucks. Wait, let's think this through though. You've essentially just ordered an entire lobster tail plus the knuckle meat plus the claw meat plus some fixings. All of a sudden we're lookin' pretty darn reasonable here; just wanted to give you a heads up.

Husband ordered the Cuban, saying "You know, if one can make a Cuban well, it's essentially the best sandwich ever."

Guys, I knew him three years before I married him--and I had no idea he took his Cubans so seriously.

The Cuban
 The Cuban boasts some ridiculously delicious meat. We're talking brown sugar ham, roasted pork, thick slices of Swiss cheese, spicy pickles, and something called "mojo sauce." I have absolutely no idea what it is, but I do know it just got real all up in that Cuban, y'all.

All sandwiches come with the signature, homemade potato chips. They're thick, extra crispy, and good n' salty. Perfection.

We also ordered a bag of donuts. Why? Because I saw it on the menu. I had no idea what kind of donut to expect. Didn't care.

But a brown paper sack filled with 5 of these cute, cinnamon-sugared fried balls of dough arrived. And I was more than pleased.

Overall, East Hampton Sandwich Co. is more than worth the wait, the price and the pants that can be unbuttoned if needed. The wine list is reasonably priced too which might be required after your finally find a parking spot at Snider Plaza.

Check it out!



  1. P.S. It WAS the best Cuban I have ever had too ;-)

  2. Lobster rolls and Cubans are my favorite two sandwiches ever! I must try this place next time I am in Dallas. (In case you're curious, leftover turkey, bran berry, and Brie is my third favorite sandwich.)
    Miss you ,